What is Mooz?

"MOOZ is the call of a visionary creature which lives in the dimension of each and every picture.
It moves freely in search of ever-new visual stimulus, and suggestions which are able to engage
those who look with an original perspective.

MOOZ is a look which embraces the photography, and also other expressive forms, to create
contact points amongst genres, develop contents, cross passions and reveal the hidden.
MOOZ is sharing, because each discovery should be shared”

A Photography Spoke A Photography Spoke

In an essence MOOZ is a new peg in the world of photography which is based in the city of Milan – Italy

A space to interchange A space to interchange

We believe that by establishing an interchange between diverse realities in the world of Photography is key.

A new map A new map

Here at MOOZ we are offering a new map for engagement with the photographic community worldwide.


What Mooz photographers are saying.

  • Photography is to have curiosity and interest for the people. Photography is a language and as such is also formed as a own life experiences. All this becomes photography. It’s a living language, active and changing following our changes.

  • Also look at the photograph not only as stories but also to look only at the images.Refer to classical painting and what was there before photography and build something visual.Not built based on the works of others photographs already seen and using the experience of other photographers.From own curriculum vitae and build on that the own images.
    Alex Majoli – An advice to young photographers

  • In your photographs there is a noble past.
    That’s why you have to do it well.
    MAURIZIO REBUZZINI – The importance of the past

  • The camera is the tool to capture what I have in mind. We must gratitude to the camera we use. People recognize me as a photographer romantic, but I’m just a reporter.
    The subjects that are revealed in front of me it are or do romantic things.
    GIANNI BERENGO GARDIN – Traveling with Gianni

  • I usually use the 50mm because it does not falsify and not spectacularises. Generally, as poorer is the subject, more is sophisticated the lens used by photographers. The photographers in trouble, when they do not know what to tell, because the topic is not interesting, use special lens to impress people.

  • Behind a photography there’s not a only the camera. Behind a photography there must be a concept, a way to look, a thought, regardless of the camera. If you do not have an idea of what you want to shoot, you can’t be a photographer.
    FRANCESCO CITO – Colour and B&W – Seravezza

  • The happiness of being a photographer I have it every day, no matter what I’m photographing. I think it’s really the best job, the more rich and full of excitement in the world. The happiness of being a photographer is not only take pictures but it’s the people you meet, where and how you meet. Its a job that gives you a 360 degree view of the world. The photographer is a chameleon that has to change skin according to the place where it is because it is always just a guest.
    FRANCO PAGETTI – Being Photographer


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